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Living Right For Your Unique Body Type


Living right for your unique body type

Looking for a restful night’s sleep?  Wishing you had more energy throughout the day?  Wondering what food is right for you?
Thinking about how to feel better in your body?  Ease of digestion, soundness of sleep, increased concentration, and reduced stress are just some of the benefits of incorporating the teachings of Ayurveda into your life.

Something To Think About


I was speaking with a teacher the other day and he said.

“If your problems can be solved with money, your problems aren’t that big”

Bowen Therapy The Most Exiting New Therapy


Bowen Therapy is probably not like any other therapy that you have ever experienced in the past, it is so different in fact that it can sound too good to be true. Bowen is a subtle and precise muscle/nerve/connective tissue technique. The technique teaches the body to remember how to help heal itself.